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We've prepared this window on our community to provide our residents, along with visitors and businesses alike, with information about the many services our city has to offer.
Please Note: Our "Code of Ordinances" listed under "City Govt" above is being revised. This link will no longer work until the revision is made.

City of Nanticoke
15 E. Ridge Street
Nanticoke, PA.
Telephone: 570-735-2800
Fax: 570-735-7817

Recycling Bins
The City has extra recycling bins. Please come into City Hall, M-F, 8:30am to 4:30pm, if you would like another one.



The Motto and Coat of Arms for Nanticoke was created and designed by retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Winiarczyk, then redesigned by Richard Crossett of Louisville, Ky.
Upon recommendation of the Nanticoke Bicentennial Committee, the Motto and Coat of Arms was adopted by Nanticoke City Council on May 17, 1976 as the city's official Motto and Coat of Arms.



The arrow head on the shield symbolizes the Nanticoke Indians. The diamond shapes represent the surrounding mountains and anthracite coal in the area.Above the shield is the city name, and above that is a wreath of the state flower, Mountain Laurel, which indicates that Nanticoke is a city in Pennsylvania.Within the Mountain Laurel is a forearm, which symbolizes the industry and vigor of the people of the city. The hand is holding a banner that suggests the unity of the many ethnic groups and nationalities of the inhabitants of the city through the years.
The Motto is "Forward Together," which denotes the unity and true aspirations of the citizens of Nanticoke.

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